Learning Tips 

Usually the best way to learn a language is to practise in the country where it’s spoken. But usually you don’t go and live in Turkey just because you’re interested in learning Turkish… or do you?

Following we would like to pass you some useful information how you can practise and improve what you’ve learning on our website. Of course these hints are useful for every new language to learn:

1) Read turkish newspapers! Online it’s very easy, for instance:

SABAH… One of the biggest turkish daily newspapers. There is also a European edition.

CNN TÜRK… The turkish version of the US news channel.

HÜRRIYET… What to say? Typical yellow press, lurid. But anyway also Hürriyet “speaks” Turkish – so why not…

Reading newspapers is the best way to get used to the commonly used language and terms. Besides you inform yourself about current events. 

2) Almost everything is possible online. Also having turkish pen/email-pals. So find some and write in Turkish with them.

3) Maybe you have already turkish friends, colleagues or neighbours. So just talk Turkish to them and be curious for their reaction. Maybe they correct you here and there, but that’s great: this way you have a direct feedback on what you learn.
Also your kebab or turkish vegetables provider will be happy having a chat in his language. But take care that the one you speak to is a Turk in deed. Otherwise you just receive odd looks.

4) If you’re one of the lucky people who often travel and your journey carries you to Turkey then don’t be shy. Talk Turkish to everyone. You won’t be laughed at! It’s the best way to practise (next to reading) and the people will show their most positive reaction. Maybe you also find interesting new friends, too.