“with” and “without” are also formed by suffixes which are added to the substantives.

14.1.1 With – The Suffix “-li”
-li follows the GREAT VOWEL HARMONY, so it can be modified to 
-lı, -li, -lu and -lü

Sütlü bir kahve lütfen. = A coffee with milk please.
Proper nouns are separated by an apostroph from the suffix:
Mehmet’le futbol maçına gittim. = I have gone with Mehmet to the football match.
If the word ends on a vowel you insert y:
Kediyle oynuyorum. = I’m playing with the cat.

The suffix -li is related to the word ile which means “with” but also “and”.
Leyla ile Mecnun. = Leyla and Mecnun. – or: Leyla with Mecnun.
Mecnun Leyla ile gezmiş. = Mecnun went with Leyla for a walk.
OR: Mecnun Leyla’yla gezmiş.

14.1.2 Without – The Suffix “-siz”
-siz is also determined by the GREAT VOWEL HARMONY
-sız, -siz, -suz and -süz

Sütsüz bir kahve lütfen.
 = A coffee without milk please.
Mehmet’siz futbol maçına gittim.
 = I have gone without Mehmet to the football match.

14.2 “LIKE/AS” AND “FOR”

In Turkish “like/as” and “for” are single unchangeable words.

14.2.1 Like/as – “gibi”
Ayı gibi bir adam(dır). = He’s a man like a bear. (literal translation: Bear like a man is.)
Cildi ipek gibi hafif(dir). = His/her skin is as soft as silk. (literal translation: Her/his skin silk like soft is.)

14.2.2 For – “için”
Examples :
Futbol maçı için iki bilet lazım.
 = I need two tickets for the football match.
Bu Lale için bir hediye(dir).
 = This is a present for Lale.


Also for the climax and superlative forms there are single unchangable words.

14.3.1 Degrees of Adjectives and Comparative
 = more, still 

İstanbul daha yakın(dır). = Istanbul is nearer. (literal translation: Istanbul more near is.)
Bu masa daha küçük(tür). = This table is smaller. (literal translation: This table more small is.)

For comparing daha is combined with the ablative which occures a comparative:
Lale Deniz’den daha büyük(tür). = Lale is taller than Deniz. (literal translation: From Deniz Lale is more tall.)

daha can also be translated with “still”:
İstanbul’a daha 20 kilometre var. = There are still 20 kms until Istanbul.

14.3.2 Superlative with “en”
 = the most 

Mehmet en küçük(tür).
 or: Mehmet en küçüğü. = Mehmet is the smallest.
İstanbul Türkiye’de en büyük şehir(dir).
 Istanbul is the biggest town in Turkey. 

alışveriş = the shopping; ayı = the bear; bilet = the ticket; cilt = the skin; daha = more, still; ders çalışmak = to learn; en = most; futbol = football, soccer; futbol maçı = the football match; gibi = like, as; giriş = the entrance; görmek = to see; hediye = the present; ışımak = to shine; için = for; ile = with, and; ipek = the silk; kilometre = kilometre; kolay = easy; maç = the match; sel = the flood; seyretmek = to watch; şehir = city, town; şeker = the sugar; ücret = the fee, charge, toll; yaşlı = old, aged